Premium Quality Foods Business Development Director, Shahid Wahid and Welsh Country Foods Senior Business Development Manager, Ibrahim Davies
Premium Quality Foods (PQF) has teamed up with Welsh Country Foods the largest standalone lamb processing facility in Europe, processing in excess of 1.3 million British per year, all of which are slaughtered in strict accordance with Islamic Shariah requirements. Together with PQF Londons number one Halal meat wholesaler.

Having experienced the highs and lows that the British meat Industry has endeavoured over the past thirty years, PQF has come out on top and is now the number one Halal lamb distribution company in London. PQF specialises in the highest quality Halal lambs procured by Welsh Country Foods from the mountains and upland regions of Wales and throughout the UK.

The procesing and handling of the lambs fully complies with all EC and UK hygiene regulations. The entire fleet of delivery vehicles are temperature controlled and operated by experienced and highly skilled staff who deliver produce throughout London daily.

The combined wealth of experience, dedication, sincerity, efficency and financial committment shown by both WCF and PQF is what has got them to the 'top of the league' in this sector and is why they are now recognised as the dominant force in Halal trading.

Through the continued committmeent and hard work from both companies, the future looks bright for the partnership between Welsh Country Foods and Premium Quality Foods. InshaAllah [God - willing]
WCF Halal Team
Ibrahim Davis is the Senior Business Develo- pment Manager at Welsh Country Foods. Ibrahim began his career at Welsh Country Foods in the Autumn of 1977 and now oversees all the Halal operations. "Being a devout Muslim myself, it is of the upmost importance to me that all procedures at Welsh Country Foods are in strict accordance with Islamic Shariah requirements. The team at Welsh Country Foods is professionallly and spiritually dedicated to ensuring that our customers can expect the highest standard. We gurantee complete transparency and traceability.

Sufi ameer Hamza
leads the skilled Halal slaughter team at WCF, to achieve the highest standards for our customers and the final consumer.
Origianally from Pakistan, Ameer first came to the United Kingdom in 1986 to pursue a new life and career in the meat Industry. Over the years he has worked in processing companies for chicken and beef and also with Islamabad Halal Butchers in Ilford, London.