Premium Quality Foods Ltd is a London based company established in the early 1970's supplying fresh wholesale and retail Halal meat to the UK.
Having started as a small family run business PQF
has grown into sucessful and substantial company specialising in the wholesale and distribution of fresh Halal lamb prodoucts and is now the leading Halal lamb distribution company in london. more
Forbidden unto you is the dead (carrion) and, the blood and flesh of swine and, what hath been slaughtered in the name of any other than that of allah, and the strangled, and beaten, to death, and killed by a fall and gored to death by a horn, and that which the wild beasts ate, except that which ye slaughter. (Al-Maida 5:3, Qur'an)
PQF and Welsh Country Foods Join Forces to become the dominant force in Halal Trading
Through the continued hard work and committment from both companies, the future looks bright for between WCF & PQF more